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Fabriano corporate film

Fabriano is one of the oldest paper mills in the world. For this video we wanted to prioritise emotion over process, so we focused on the moment you find yourself in front of a blank sheet of paper, when anything can happen.

The film is really about people, the people who expertly make the most beautiful paper in the world, and the people who express themselves on that paper. From watercolour artists to school children, from printmakers to stationery lovers, this film celebrates those moments when we turn possibilities into ideas… and into reality.  

What we did
Concept, Script, Screenwriting, Direction, Video production


Massimo Casini

Assistant director

Federico Zotti

Concept and script

Massimo Casini
Saschia Masini


Rachele Gatti

Director of photography

Federico Terni

Editor & Motion Graphics

Federico Zotti


Ilaria Imperatore
Gabriele Mazzara
Alessandro Pedroli
Susan Northcott
Valentina Tamborrino


Toby Ricketts

"There is a magical moment, when you find yourself in front of a blank sheet of paper..."

Process videos

We also created explainer videos to illustrate the 3 processes used to produce Fabriano paper: hand-made, mould machine and Fourdrinnier machine. Fabriano is the only industrial paper maker in the world that still uses all 3 processes.