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Fabriano brand website

Fabriano is an iconic brand that is very recognisable by school children, artists, printmakers and anyone who uses paper. A true household name in Italy, Fabriano is now expanding to the rest of the world.

In conjunction with a beautiful rebrand by Pentagram®, Fabriano asked Rare Partners to bring their brand to life online, and to develop a tone of voice and messaging.

What we did:
Digital design, UX design, Creative direction, Tone of voice, Copywriting, Prototyping, Development

Enabling self expression for everyone

The project called for an entirely new experience system that could pivot around every individual user in order to make their experiences personalised. The Fabriano brand is all about enabling people to express themselves, so we wanted people to find a connection with the products based on their unique ways of expressing themselves on paper. A faceted search pairs filters and categories to create a logically complex, effective pipeline to make sure the user’s interest are matched to a narrow selection of products.