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Fedrigoni Employer Branding

Discover Extraordinary Every Day

After the definition of an Employer Value Proposition by strategic advisor Chloe Tattanelli, Fedrigoni was looking to translate the concept “Discover Extraordinary Every Day” into a powerful employer brand and an original employer branding video.

We interpreted the concept as an invitation to look for what is extraordinary in people.
We are all extraordinary, and a single definition is not enough for any person.
We used the asterisk to signify the need to look beyond what’s in front of you. To look for something more.

What we did
Identity design, Scree-writing, Direction, Video production, Packaging design, Tone of voice

The video had to be filmed with professional actors, but feature Fedrigoni people, and it had to include the language that emerged during workshops and focus groups.

It also needed to address the fact that, although Fedrigoni is a very fast-growing and exciting company, not many people know it yet, which poses a problem with talent attraction.