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Ready to tell a better story?

Whether you want to launch your speaking career or deliver jaw-dropping presentations, this 6-week course will help you become a powerful communicator and presenter.

We are Rare... literally!

We’re not your average consultants: we are storytellers, strategists, coaches, designers, writers, directors, and a few other things.
We’re not big fans of jargon and corporate speak, we like to keep things real, clear and relatable.

Your product, strategy or idea is complex and ambitious, but if people don’t understand it and embrace it, you’re stuck!
We unravel complexities and present big ideas in a way that makes sense and resonates with your audience.

Whether the output is a campaign, a video, a digital experience or transformation initiative (or all of the above!), we fuse strategic consulting with breakthrough creativity to solve business problems.

We are Rare, and we are here to help you.

Communication and experiences

Video & Content Creation

Video, audio and editorial content that engages your community: we help you breathe life into your brand, amplify your message and connect with audiences authentically and genuinely.

Let us help with
Content strategy – Copywriting and scriptwriting – Video production – Motion design – Photography – Social

Communication Design

Great communication is built on great stories, so we help companies become great storytellers.
We support corporate communication teams and brands worldwide and help them ensure their message gets heard, both internally and externally.

Let us help with
Messaging – Communication strategy – Internal communication – Digital campaigns

Experience Design

We combine experience design, content creation, project management, and creative direction.
We re-think business events and turn them into epic experiences that move your audience to action.

Let us help with
Real life events – Digital events – Main stage + breakoutsL – Launches – Booth experiences

Speeches & Presentations

Presentation is the most ubiquitous form of communication in businesses around the world. A good presentation, and a good speech, can often determine the adoption of a new idea, the sense of purpose of a team and the success of a transformation effort.

Let us help with
Presentation Design – Speechwriting – Speaker Coaching – Sales Pitches

Digital Experiences

A digital project requires great vision, careful planning and effective execution. We support your teams to deliver world-class digital experiences and websites.

Let us help with
Experience strategy – UX/UI design – Digital design – Prototyping – UX copywriting

Strategy and culture

Internal communication

Whether you want to promote a new initiative, get people to adopt new behaviours, or shift your corporate culture, you need the tools to reach people, and help the understand. We help you cut through the noise so that you and your colleagues stay on the same page and get to keep an eye on the big picture.

Workshop and facilitation

A well-designed workshop is like a secret weapon. If you need to innovate, create, problem-solve, prototype, strategise, implement or uncover the story of your organisation, we design and/or guide tailor-made workshops, sessions, seminars, or events – or we provide you with the tools to do so yourself.

Strategy cascading and mobilisation

Your strategy is only as good as your ability to communicate it and getting people to adopt it.

We help companies explain their strategies and engage their employees and stakeholders by using powerful storytelling, explanation techniques, videos, workshops and speaker coaching.

Rare humans

Massi Casini


Saschia Masini


Olly Hermon-Taylor


We're a little different. Here's how:

Not just style but strategy and design-thinking
Our visual work is always informed by a powerful strategy. We take the time to understand what’s important to you, and we make sure our work delivers on that.

Our senior team does the actual work
The partners don’t disappear after a successful pitch, but work hands-on with the creative team for the whole project. You get a decades of experience combined in a small task force!

We do what works for you
You are trusting us with your ideas, and your voice. We take that responsibility very seriously and make sure each piece of our work reflects your unique challenges and opportunities.

We’re in for the long haul
We’ve found that we do best, and our clients get the best results, when we forge solid, long-term relationships. We work alongside you and your team (sometimes as part of your team) to help you reach your objectives.